Teach Google to ignore spam: How to upload a disavow file with Webmasters Tools

In order to use WebDNA tool, you need to get familiar with some webmaster’s basics. This tutorial is for beginners. We have already written about how to:

The final effect of our analysis is a “disavow file”. It’s a text file with all the inbound links you would like Google to ignore, because they are harming your search engine visibility. They are either spam or simply pages that no longer work.

Once you download your disavow file, you need to upload it using Google Webmasters Tools.

First go to this the disavow links tool page. And choose the site you want to remove the toxic links from.

how to upload disavow file 1

Google will warn you twice it’s an advanced feature. But since you are using WebDNA, it means you know what you are doing.how to upload disavow file 2

Upload the file you downloaded from WebDNA dashboard. You can also see here the history of disavow files uploaded. As you can see, you can always remove the file, and let Google bots take under considerations all the spammy links we have found for you.

how to upload disavow file 3 

Give us a try and see if our analysis can help your search engine visibility.